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50 Best Long Hairstyles for Men

By on August 3, 2014

21. Kit Harington Long Hairstyle: Tousled natural curls

long hairstyles for men_21

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington sports his signature tousled, natural curls and a soft beard with a mustache. Natural curls are incredibly popular this year, so if you have them, flaunt them! Keep them as natural as possible – no straightening or other heat/chemical styling treatments – and invest in some hair care products specifically for curly hair to keep your curls looking healthy and thick.

22. Christian Bale Long Hairstyle: Textured layers


long hairstyles for men_22

American actor Christian Bale shows off his long, thick hair and an equally impressive beard. The layers towards the tips give his hair extra horizontal volume, “fluffing out” his otherwise straight locks. For hair as shiny and healthy as Bale’s, try adding these hair-friendly foods to your diet: olive oil, nuts like almonds and walnuts, oily fish like salmon and sardines, avocado, and peanut butter. Also, never skip the conditioner when you wash your hair – it replaces essential oils to your scalp, keeping your hair looking shiny and smooth.

23. Gabriel Aubry Long Hairstyle: Shaggy with long bangs

long hairstyles for men_23

Canadian model Gabriel Aubry shows off his shaggy long hairstyle with long bangs and messy curls. This long hairstyle is full of sex appeal, and it suits most face shapes. It works best with fine/thin hair, as the pieces of hair should be light enough to move around as you do. As this look embraces the “bed-head” look, there’s no need for extensive styling – simply use pomade where you want to smooth hair back a bit, and use your fingers to tousle hair for a sexy, messy effect. If you need to tidy your look up for a formal event, slick your hair back with pomade using a comb, and blow-dry gently to set.

24. Brad Pitt Long Hairstyle: Light and wispy

long hairstyles for men_24

Movie star Brad Pitt wears his light and wispy long hair tucked behind his ears with a soft 5-day beard. If you have thin/fine hair like Brad’s, consider getting it layered for extra volume. Create even more volume by using a volume boosting hair styling mousse, and use your fingers to style your hair. Daily washing with a gentle shampoo can keep your from looking limp and greasy. Harsh shampoos can strip the scalp of oils, causing it to overcompensate with excess oil production, so stay away from shampoos with harsh chemical or ingredients.

25. Jason Momoa Long Hairstyle: Wet-look waves

long hairstyles for men_25

Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa sports enviously long hair styled in wet-look waves. The wet-look style is very popular at the moment, especially with long hair. Recreate this look with a comb and a high-quality wet-look hair gel. Choose one that dries looking wet – that way it’ll look wet, but not feel wet and sticky. If your hair is prone to flopping into your face, use a light hair spray once you’ve combed it back to keep it in place.

26. Johnny Depp Long Hairstyle: Man bob

long hairstyles for men_26

The Lone Ranger actor Johnny Depp looks effortlessly stylish with his shoulder length “man bob”. The bob is a long hairstyle that is generally the same length, somewhere between ear-length and shoulder-length. His wispy locks frame his face well, and his light stubble adds to his masculine look. Part hair in the middle for a classic look, or to one side more a more modern look.

27. Jason Behr Long Hairstyle: Subtle layers

long hairstyles for men_27

American actor Jason Behr wears his long, dark hair with a slightly off-center middle parting and subtle layers. When getting layers in your long hair, ask your stylist to decide on the frequency and length of the layers based on your face shape. If you have an angular face, opt for few long layers, and if you have a rounder face, more layers are more flattering. If you want extra texture, ask your stylist to “feather” the ends of your hair – this cutting technique fluffs up the ends of your hair, giving it extra volume and texture. If in doubt, simply ask your stylist what would be best for your hair type and face shape.

28. Matthew Gray Gubler Long Hairstyle: Shoulder-length curls

long hairstyles for men_28

American actor and director Matthew Gray Gubler looks superb with his shoulder-length curls. This long hairstyle is great for thick hair, as you can tuck it behind your ears, and the majority of the volume is concentrated towards the tips. Recreate this style at home by parting hair slightly off center, and brushing it a bit on each side of the parting. If your hair is a bit wild at the crown, work a little bit of pomade into it to keep it out of your eyes. Leave the rest of your hair in its natural curly state for best results.

29. Joe Manganiello Long Hairstyle: Tousled “curtains”

long hairstyles for men_29

Actor and model Joe Manganiello sports long “curtains” of hair that frame his face. This long hairstyle is perfect for thin or fine hair, as it gives your locks extra definition. Pair your casual hairstyle with a well-groomed and stylish beard – choose between stubble, a soft 5-day beard, a 10-day beard, or a full beard. A beard can balance out a more feminine hairstyle, as well add an extra masculine touch to any look. Don’t fuss about grey beard hairs – they can add a distinguished touch to your facial hair. If you must, use a tweezer to pluck individual hairs.

30. Chris Hemsworth Long Hairstyle: Straight and sleek

long hairstyles for men_30

The Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth keeps his look stylish and chic with his long hair worn straight and chic. He sports a slightly off-center parting, with straight hair tucked behind his ears. Use a mini hair straightener for straight and smooth locks, and then comb some gel or pomade into your hair to slick it back. Another variation of this style is the slicked back wet-look hairstyle – use a strong wet-look gel to slick hair back for a “just-came-out-of-the-ocean” look.

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